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Nizhny Tagil, history on every step

Панарин Михаил Сергеевич
МБОУ СОШ №40, 10Б класс
Учитель – Панарина Елена Петровна

I live in Nizhny Tagil. It is my native town which is situated on the east slope of the Urals not far from the boundary between Europe and Asia, and which I admire.
Nizhny Tagil has a great past because there are many historical buildings and monuments which are better story-tellers than people. A lot of them are in Lenin Street, the main street of my town.
The visiting-card of the town is the monument to the Cherepanovs, the constructors of the first Russian railway steam engine, who lived and worked here. While designing the monument, architect A.S. Kondratyev used the drawings of the monument to Minin and Pozharsky in Moscow. Not far from this place there is a monument built to commemorate heroic deeds of the first Komsomol members.
In 2007 in Komsomol garden the monument to Nicholay Demidov, one of the founders of my town, was opened. They say that during its erection the builders found some pieces of grey marble left from the monument to Alexander II, which was demolished after the Revolution. If you walk a little farther in a nice public garden you can see the monument to V.I. Lenin, one of the first monuments to him in our country. At the foot of Lisya mountain opposite the old Demidovs' plant stands the monument to the workers of our town. It represents three generations of metallurgists. The pedestal is reveted with rubble-work which was used in the construction of Demidovs' plants. From this place you’ll have a wonderful view of the town.
For me Nizhny Tagil is old but still impressive and attracts by its more than three-century history which can be touched on every step.


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