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Kuzbass, Gornaya Shoria

Старостина Мария Андреевна
МБОУ СОШ №72 г. Новокузнецк
Учитель английского языка,
молодой специалист,
стаж работы 1 год, выпускница КУЗГПА

Gornaya Shoria is one of the most picturesque places of Kuzbass. It is an ideal place for mountain skiing in winter and mountain climbing and rafting on mountain rivers in summer. Nowadays there are three tourist centers which are open during the whole year: « Medvezhonok» ( a bear baby), in Shalym settlement, a hotel at the foot of Mustag mountain and Pyzas rivers (Ust-Khabyrza settlement). The main resort of Gornaya Shoria is Sheregesh. There you can climb up the Green Mountain or Belki Mountain, see a huge cross 15 metres tall, made of stainless steel.
Journeys to Gornaya Shoria become more and more popular among inhabitants of different regions of Russia. There are also foot routes to the mountain tops (height above sea level – 1 600 meters). The ancient village of Ust-Anzas is situated one hundred kilometers from Tashtagol in a wide valley between the taiga mountains, near the Mrassu river. In center of it, on a picturesque river bank there is an ecological museum «Tazgol». It’s the first in Siberia museum in the wild countryside.
In 1989, the Shor State Natural Park was established. This park is set up to preserve the unique nature complex: valuable mountain cedar forests, vegetation and animal kingdom, dense river system and picturesque landscapes.


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