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Pskov is a city, which saved Russia from enemy`s invasion

Nikolaeva Diana.
14 years old.
The student of school №23.

Now, I`d like to tell you about my city.

Pskov is one of the most ancient and most wonderful Russian cities. Pskov is a city, which saved Russia from enemy`s invasion many times. For every educated person Pskov is a very important city as a city-museum which has kept many beautiful monuments of Russian old time. The land of Pskov keeps a lot of valuable material for history about nice past our country.
There is a beautiful and picturesque landscape in our country: green fields, rivers, deep lakes, woods. A lot of funny animals live in our woods and fields. People from different cities arrive at our city to have a rest and to admire Pskov nature. A great number of wonderful monuments of Russian spirituality was left by ancient Pskov. One of the most famous monuments is the monument in the memory of Ice battle. This monument is devoted to Alexander Nevski and his warriors. There are a lot of other well-known monuments: the monument to Princess Olga, the monument to Lenin, the monument to 6th company and many others.
Pskov is also well-known by museums, which keep in their walls history of the city and our country. They are the Art gallery, the Massona`s house, the Railway museum and others.
There are a lot of places where you can rest and have a good time in our cities. They are cinemas, shops, billiards, bowling centre, theater, “Ice Palace”.
I like my city and I am very proud of it. I never forget these beautiful places where taken place my childhood, these woods and lakes where we have a rest with my family, those places which I call Motherland.

  • It is monument to Alexander Nevski
  • It is monument to Princess Olga


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