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Dobroye. History.

Бахаева Татьяна Николаевна
учитель английского языка МБОУ
СОШ№2 им. М.И. Третьяковой
села Доброго Липецкой области

Dobroye has a very interesting history. People began to settle here in the 9-12th centuries. Chernozem soil, rich forests and the Voronezh river nearby made the place very good, or as the Russians said ”dobry” for living. This is how settlement got its name of Dobroye. The town of Dobroye was first mentioned in the records dated back to 1597.
In the 17th century Dobroye became a fortress town within Belgorodsky fortifications. It was an important strategic point during the long period of fighting against the Crimean Tatars. The fortress wall was 613 meters long and 4 meters high. It had 11 towers (the height of each was 7 meters ) and 13 cannons. Alongside with military duties, the people were engaged in agriculture, cattle breeding and fishing. When Peter the Great began the Azov campaign, he ordered to make special shipyards on the Voronezh river. So, the first boats and small ships (“strugs”) of the Russian navy were constructed in Dobroye. Some historians state that the emperor himself visited Dobryoe and was quit satisfied with the work of our shipbuilders.
In the 18th century Dobroye lost its strategic value and after a fire, which destroyed almost the whole town, the government refused to give money for its reconstruction. A lot of townspeople had to leave it. They founded some new settlements and named them Dobroe, Dobrinka, Dobrino in memory of their native town.
Since then Dobroe has been a village, and the fortress and the anchor chain on its arms remain us of its glorious past. In 1928 it became the centre of Dobroye district.


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