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Chita, Drama Theatre

Inkina Nina Semyonovna,
a teacher of English,
Chita school №49 with
intensive English Learning

Chita Drama Theatre dates back to the 20s of the 19th century as an amateur theatre. In 1909 the building of the theatre at the corner of Sofiyskaya and Korotkovskaya streets was built. In October 1911 the group of the greatest Siberian impressario E.M. Dolin gave the performance of "Zhivoi trup" by Tolstoy in a new Mariinsky Theatre. The repertoire was quite different: Chehov's and Gorky's plays, operettas, concerts and shows. In 1917 the working power calls the Mariinsky Theatre the Soviet People's Theatre. In 1939 the group of actors from Kuibishev came to Chita. They formed the group of permanent regional drama theatre. During the World War II the theatre produced many plays, "Keys of Berlin", "Front", "Oleko Dundich" were among them.
After the war the theatre continued its activity but it was not stable. In the 50-s new actors came to the Chita stage. The theatre found its image. The plays "The Camrade's Fate", "Zabaikaltsi", "Dauria" were a great success with the public.
At the beginning of the 70-s the theatre moved to a new building. The 80-s were the star decade for our theatre. In 1991 N. Berezin became the artistic leader of the theatre. From the first productions the spectators noticed his love to classical drama, his interest to the experiment. "Lady Makbet of Mtsensky Uezd", "Figaro's wedding", "Lisistrata" proved this.
On the stage of the theatre performed such talanted actors as V. Izdeberskaya, A. Fyodorova, L. Kulagin, V. Knestikov and others. During the last years the theatre became the centre of cultural life of Chita.

  • Nikilai   Berezin, the artistic leader of the theatre, People’s Actor of Russia


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