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Chita, information for tourists

Lyapina Dasha Sergeevna,
form 6 A, school №49
Inkina Nina Semyonovna,
a teacher of English,
Chita school №49 with
intensive English Learning

Zabaikal ... Anyone who has ever been here will never forget the charm of these places. This region is like a box with precious stones. Routes of Russian pioneers went away from these places, and only in the 17th century, the Russian people settled here. However, because of the remoteness of Zabaikal mountain valleys, civilization did not affect their original beauty. Just as a century ago, Evenki roam the taiga, chasing herds of deer, also loom the tops and walls of Kodar mountains, striking the imagination of the traveller.
This area will be of interest to all lovers of nature. For climbers there are a number of routes in Kodar. Peaks, passes and glaciers of our region will not leave you indifferent! Fans can take a trip to different places in Kalar, Cuando, Chara and Vitim.
And for those who love a hiking trip, we offer a unique visit to Kodar volcanic area. In addition to volcanoes, tourists can visit a number of mineral springs during the tour, to see the ice and feel the full spirit of the Trans-Baikal mountain taiga. Another miracle of our places is Charsky sands. This is a whole desert, sandwiched between the steep ridges of the mountains and swampy Kodar taiga.
In the autumn our area blooms with bright colors and is filled with aromas of nature's gifts. In the taiga at this time of the year there are a lot of mushrooms, berries and herbs. Lakes and rivers are full of fish. It is difficult to find another place that can be compared with the Northern Zabaikal fullness of unique natural features!


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