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St Petersburg. The Chesme Church

Обучающиеся 11 «А» класса
ОДОД “Прогулки по Петербургу», преподаватель ОДОД,
учитель английского языка Афанасьева Алла Николаевна
ГБОУ СОШ № 508 с углубленным изучением предметов
образовательных областей «Искусство» и «Технология»

St. Petersburg is famous for its architectural ensembles. The temples of St Petersburg are the main decorations of these ensembles. We’d like to tell you about of the church, which is located not far from our school, the Chesme Church. The church got its name in commemoration of the victory of the Russian fleet over the Turkish fleet at Chesme Bay. The battle took place in Aegean Sea in 1770 after the Osman Empire declared war to Russia
The Chesme Church was constructed between 1777 and 1780 by Yury Felten. This church is one of the rare pseudo-Gothic structures in St Petersburg. The building of the church consists of four half-cylindrical parts joined together. It is decorated with tall windows. The church has five domes crowned with small spires and crosses.
In 1977 the church was restored and the exposition devoted to the victory at Chesme Bay was opened there. On display there were documents, maps, the Russian and Turkish flags, weapons, medals and 18th century naval instruments. At the end of the 20th century all exhibits were brought to the Central Navy Museum. Nowadays, the services are held in the church.
On the church territory there is a small military cemetery. The veterans of the Russian army are buried there. Among them there are some graves of the defenders of Leningrad buried there during the Second World War. The students of our school keep the tradition and lay flowers to the graves on Victory Day to honour the memory of all the soldiers killed in that war.


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