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Savtchenko Angelina
9 “B” class
Gymnasium № 52, Rostov-on-Don
Teacher Fugaeva Olga Urievna
Savtchenko Angelina
My name is Angelina, I’m 15 years old. I live in Rostov-on-Don – one of the most beautiful and important cities of our country. It is situated on the banks of the river Don and that’s why it is sometimes named “Port of 5 seas”. The place, where our city is situated now, was a perfect place for Greek settlements many years B.C. And the most attractive heritage from them are the ruins of the ancient city Tanais. Now I would like to tell you about this perfect place.
Between Taganrog and Rostov archaeologists discovered the ruins of the ancient city of Tanais. Starbon wrote about the Tanais, as the richest city - center of trade between Greece and Asia. But archaeologists have not found any rich red-black murals, neither gold, nor the beautiful columns. There was even the view that real Tanais is in another place. But - Starbon mentions the same - Tanais was destroyed more than once. The history of this town - the trade, but not the military, situated on the bank of the Don, was full of tragedies. Firstly it was destroyed by Polemo King at the end of the last millennium, and it was very strange, because it was a province of the Bosporus - ancient state in the northern Black Sea region, where Polemo was a King. It was a punishment for disobedience. So, probably, Tanais was not completely destroyed, and only punished, and continued to live and grow to 237 A.D. when either ruthless Huns or Goths have left the city to shreds. And only after this destruction this not groomed settlement was built , which bowls down the archaeologists.
Nowadays the most part of the Tanais can’t be explored, and cause of this is that there is a modern village Nedvigovka over it. Silent witnesses of the events in the ancient Tanais are stone images - female figures, carved from solid stone, holding in the stomach with folded palms something like a bowl. Scientists are not clear ritual the meaning of these statues. And because they are very common and in the Krasnodar region, in Eastern Ukraine, it is difficult to say by whom they were created. And yet the excavations in this place fall up collections of the museums in Rostov and St. Petersburg . Besides, it's a great place which attracts tourists and artists from all over the world. An exotic landscape, connecting scattered everywhere rough stone walls, feather grass steppes and far horizons clear of the delta of the Don, are enjoyed by the residents of the region. For many residents of Rostov this amazing place is associated with the name of the country musician or bard Gennady Jucov – who is singing about these beautiful views of the Tanais.
Now many people from all places of our country come to Tanais, if they want to see a real historical monument, which was founded by ancient Greeks many years ago. Some people visit this place full of hopes, that it can help them to find harmony and keep their soul in peace. For majority this place is a source of inspiration, they take their children with them, because they want not only to tell, them but show them this picturesque heritage from Ancient people.
I love Tanais very much, firstly I visited this place at the age of 7 and I fell in love with these. It was very interesting for me to see the ruins of the real Ancient city and since then I visit Tanais every summer with my friends and parents. I’m very proud, that this amazing place situated near my city and I can visit it when I want to do it.


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