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Zmievskaya beam

Hello! My name is Sasha and first of all,
I'd like to tell you about myself.
I'm 14 and I study at the gymnasium 52.
All my life I live in Russia, Rostov-on-Don. It is an old and beautiful city. There are many interesting places and sights. One of them is Zmievskaya beam.

It is the largest the burial site of victims of the Holocaust. In 1942, during the second occupation of Rostov, the Germans killed and buried more than 30 thousand people there, including about 27 thousand Jews - women, children and elderly person. The first commemorative came here in 1959. And in 1975 to the Victory Day was opened memorial named ''Victims of Fascism" . The entrance to the memorial is equipped with an observation deck, viewed from the entire panorama of the memorial. From a platform the staircase leads to the hall of grief from black marble, where is an exhibition about the atrocities of the Nazis in occupied Rostov-on-Don. It the central of monument – there is the figure of a woman who is a symbol of the motherland, the Soviet people in the inspirational death battle with the Nazis. The Memorial was opened on the eve of the 30th anniversary of Victory. It was made by N. Nersesyants, R.Muradyan, sculptors N.Avedikov, E.Lopko, B.Lopko. Zmievskaya beam was previously located outside the city in the village named Zmievka the second. It got the name from a man, who lived here many years ago, It is a quiet, flourishing place that holds the memory of the terrible days. 1942. This year was black for Rostov and many other cities. German troops approached the city and took it. August 5-6, the Soviet Army's soldiers, who found themselves in captivity, dug holes in the Zmievskaya beam and were shot and dumped in a freshly pit. August 9, were announced that Jewish must report to the assembly points for resettlemt to the 8 o'clock in the morning. For failure to appear declare the shooting. August 11, young and old, healthy and sick, hundreds of Jewish families, dressed in fancy clothers,walked through the streets of city. The wounded and sick - put in the vans that would drop off location. Other people, surrounded by guards with dogs, heading towards the village Zmievka the second. Machines were canoes and the exhaust went into the body of carbon dioxide, killing weakened people. Others came to Zmievskaya beam. People were driven to the dug. And then Nazists opened fire. Residents in the nearby village heard the shots all day and the next day. At night, boys from the village went to the ravine and saw hundreds killed and dumped people. Gradually the city grew and covered the dead ring beam. In 1974, the place, where hundreds of people were killed a memorial memory of Holocaust victims is situated.


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