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Каримуллина Гульназ Рустамовна
МБОУ «СОШ №4 г. Мамадыш»
Ученица 7в класса,
учитель: Каримуллина Э.Ф.

Mamadysh is the centre of our region. It is situated on the picturesque bank of the Vyatka River in the eastern part of Tatarstan. The population of Mamadysh is nearly 14 thousand people.
Mamadysh is one of the oldest towns. It was founded in the 14th century. Our town quickly developed and had become the trading and handicraft centre by the end of the 18 century. On the 28th of September in 1781 Mamadysh was got the status of the town by Ekaterina II’s edict. Mamadysh is not highly developed town, but it has some plants: alcohol plant, cheese and butter plant, brick works and others. There are a lot of useful goods.
There are many ancient buildings in Mamadysh which are outstanding architectural monuments. The tradesman such as Lisitsun, Verevkin, Zaharov, Scherbakov and many others lived there. Though these buildings were built in the 19th century they are very firm and many organization work inside them nowadays. Also there are straight streets, beautiful monuments, 2 parks, fine new buildings in our town. The Ice Palace, the Sport Palace, the Musical school are worth seeing. Soviet street is one of the most remarkable streets in our town. It is one of the oldest one in our town. Mamadysh is also famous for its sportsman, singers, composers and writers. Alipov is a winner in wrestling, Mingol Galiev is a well-known singer, Yarullin is an outstanding composer. They and many others are among them. Culture and sport are paid the main attention. Museum of Local Lore and History, sport clubs and different clubs activities open their doors to all who wants to visit them.
I think my town is really beautiful, modern and clean. We love our parks. They are full of trees, grass and flowers. We can walk among old trees, relax and admire nature or take part in many sport and cultural activities. People living in Mamadysh are friendly and hospitable. They are proud of their town.


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