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The history of Elista

Шарапова Гульмира Александровна,
учитель английского языка
Даржинова Любовь Владимировна,
ученица 10 «А» класса
Муниципальное бюджетное общеобразовательное
учреждение «Элистинский лицей»

Шарапова Гульмира Александровна – Отличник народного просвещения РФ, Заслуженный учитель РК, Победитель российско-американского конкурса учителей английского языка, Лауреат Премии Президента РФ Даржинова Любовь Владимировна - Победитель Всероссийской научно-практической конференции «Моя малая Родина» (2006 г.), Победитель Республиканской олимпиады по истории и культуре родного края (2009 г.), Победитель Республиканского конкурса исследовательских работ «400 лет вместе с Россией» (2010 г.), Лауреат Всероссийского заочного конкурса «Познание и творчество» в номинациях «Знатоки английского языка», «Мир английского языка» (2010/2011).

We have a wonderful opportunity to tell you about our native town because we love our Motherland. Elista is a capital of Republic of Kalmykia. Our town is situated in the south-western part of Republic. The history of Elista began in the year of 1865. It was a small settlement of Kalmyk families, who turned to settled way of life.
Elista is the cultural, educational, economical and political centre of our Republic. There are many important buildings and monuments. For example, a memorial ensemble dedicated to heroes of Kalmykia who died defending Elista during the Civil and the Great Patriotic Wars. Not so long ago a magnificent Buddhist temple in the whole Europe was opened in Elista. It attracts to Buddhists not only from Kalmykia but from different places of the world. It symbolizes peace, consent and prosperity. If you are interested in art, you would better visit Palmov’s museum of Ethnography, museum of higher education of Kalmykia, Art gallery. Elista has many theaters, among them are Kalmyk National Drama theatre, Young Children’s theatre. Elista has several scientific institutions and higher education establishments, among which is Kalmyk State University. Highways of federal importance links Elista with Rostov, Stavropol, Volgograd, Astrakhan and other cities of the North Caucasus region. There are air and railway connections with Moscow and other regions of Russia.
All in all, we believe that Elista is a town of dream to people who are interested in Kalmyk great history, culture and Buddhist philosophy. We are thankful to organizers for giving us such a wonderful chance to describe our native town. We want to tell everybody in the world how beautiful our lovely sunny Elista is!

  • The largest Buddhist temple in the whole Europe
  • Gulmira Alexandrovna and Liuba
  • The center of Elista


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