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Moscow, Lefortovo

I am Gladchenko Alexandra.
I am a pupil of the school № 1298
in Moscow.

I was born in the historical region in Moscow- Lefortovo, and I want to tell something about it.

Lefortovo is one of the oldest area of Moscow, that is located on the bank of Yauza River in South-Western administrative Okrug. The region was built in 1699.
In the middle of XVII century in Moscow on the right Bank of Yauza River ( in modern Basmannaya area) King Alexey Mihaylovich recreates German sloboda. Among the foreign officers serving in Russia and living in Sloboda, Peter The First finds many supporters, including Franz Lefort. Before the revolution area was called Lefortovskaya sloboda in honour of Franz Lefort. In 1824, in Ekaterina’s Palace were barracks of the Moscow regiments— the Red barracks ". On the territory of the district are valuable objects of historical and cultural heritage: the Catherine Palace, Lefortovo Park, the Church of Peter and Paul. One important thing is the park that is near the palace. It was built in 1703, so it is considered the first regular park in Russia and the prototype of many Sant Petersburgs’s parks. When the Queen was Anna Ioanovna the park was called “Versal on Yauza”.
The region is mentioned in the classic and modern literature. The description of the region could be seen in the product of Gilyarovskiy, Chekhov, Kuprin, Ostrovskiy. Lefortovskaya prison always was noticed because there were political prisoners there.


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