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Stanitsa Tbilisskaya

Куприянова Людмила Вячеславовна
МБОУ «СОШ № 7»
Данная работа была создана
учителем английского языка и
ученицей 7 класса Ковалёвой Валерией

Everyone in the South of Russia knows what does the word “stanitsa” mean. It is a place in the countryside of Krasnodar and Rostov regions and is located on the territories of former Cossack regions.
Tbilisskaya is one of the finest and most surprising places of Kuban. Our ancestors by their own sweat and blood mastered the richest territories, sowed corn, protected Fatherland boundaries.
Stanitsa Tbilisskaya is an ancient Cossack settlement of the so called the Old line. It was founded on October, 8th, 1802 when the Cossacks arrived to a redoubt and were appointed to make a settlement near it. At that time the village was called Tiflisskaya. Many glorious pages our ancestors had added to stanitsa’s history. One of them is a feat of the so-called “Sotnya” with the leader Andrey Grechishkin. In 1829 Grechishkin received the prevention of preparing an attack of mountaineers on the Cossack villages and led “Sotnya” to defend the stanitsa. At «the Wolf gate» a fight had taken place. Each Cossack was attacked by ten enemies. Grechishkin’s Sotnya died at «the Wolf gate”, preferred death to a shame of captivity.
In 1887 through Tiflissky there passed the railway to Ekaterinodar. The railway station was called "Pink" first, then in 1902 it was renamed in "Grechishkino" in honor of Andrey Grechishkin. Through Tiflissky there passed a military road to the Ekaterinodarsky path on which went A.S.Pushkin, M.U.Lermontov, L.N.Tolstoy.
In Great Patriotic War Tbilisskaya had lost 4 187 persons, 2 000 were lost, 2 187 persons were missing. Many grief and joy had our stanitsa to outlive during two centuries, but people always were it’s main riches: hardworking and kind.
We are proud of our motherland and want to go further to lift the prestige of our stanitsa and glory of Kuban.


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