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Волкова Альбина, ученица 8 класса,
Шакирзянова Рамзия Гафиулловна,
учитель английского языка МКОУ СОШ
с. Старая Тушка Малмыжского района
Кировской области.

I want to tell you about my native village. It goes without saying Staraya Tushka is one of the most wonderful places in the world. It is situated in the south of Kirov region, in Malmyzh district, on the bank of the river Vyatka.
It is a village with an ancient history. As far as I know, Staraya Tushka was founded in the XVII century. The first settler was Mari Tush and it was called so in his honour. In the XVIII century several families of old-believers, the participants of Pugachev’s revolt moved to live in Tushka. Soon Tushka appeared, it turned into the main centre of old-believers. The prayering-house was presented by the native landowner A.A.Cherezov. Nowadays many old-believers from different places come here and pray.
Now the population of St.Tushka consists of many nationalities: Russians, Tatars, Mari. They have been living here since the XIX century. Festivals of three cultures and national holidays are often held in Tushka. Many years ago about half of Tushka’s territory was covered with woods. The most fascinating place of our village is an ancient park, which is full of old birches, leaf-bearing trees. We can walk among them, relax and admire nature. In the centre of this park there is a church. It was partly ruined after the Great October Socialist Revolution and was not restored. Our village is rich in cultural traditions. It is well-known for Luka Grebnev and Boris Mosunov. L.Grebnev was a printer and an iconer. B.Mosunov is a writer and a painter. The natural beauty of the river Vyatka and Tushka is the subject of his paintings, poems, songs and short stories.
One will never forget the vast, deep river. Anyone, who visits Tushka, will always be temped to come back. Certainly, Tushka is worth visiting. We are proud of our village. Welcome to Staraya Tushka!


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