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Резникова Екатерина, 5 класс
Никитина Татьяна Авенировна,
учитель английского языка
МБОУ СОШ №1 с углубленным изучением
английского языка
Александровского района Владимирской области

My name is Kate. I am 11. I live and study in the town of Alexandrov. But I was born in Vladimir. My mother spent her childhood there and my grandparents still live there. We often visit them, so I know this city very well and I like it very much.
Vladimir is one of the most ancient Russian cities and a pearl of the Golden Ring of Russia. It is also a regional centre. It was founded in 1108 as a fortress by prince Vladimir Monomah. The main street of an old city was Moskovskaya Street.
In the 12th century The Golden Gate was constructed in the western part of the city. I think it is the main place of interest in Vladimir nowadays. There is a museum near it and you can learn the history of the Gate and the city itself there. Not far from this place there is Sobornaya Square where you will find a wonderful viewing point. If you go there it will be possible to look at Vladimir from above and admire its beauty. There are many churches and cathedrals, monuments and memorials in the city. They look very beautiful and it is clear that the people living in Vladimir love their city very much and take good care of it.
I invite you to visit this wonderful Russian city!


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