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Voronezh, interesting facts

Hi! My name is Polina Scvortsova.
I am 16 years old.
I am a pupil of the 9–th form gymnasium №5.
My English teacher is
Rytikova Tatiana Vladimirovna.

I have different hobbies. I am good at music, I finished music school and play the piano well. I am fond of singing, reading and English. I would like to tell you some interesting facts about my city.

A long time ago Peter the Great has put the fortress on the river Voronezh which has become an exit to the Black Sea. Since that time the fortress has developed, grown in size and gradually has turned into the large centre of trade and crafts. Such a centre is Voronezh today – the capital of the Black Soil Region with population of about a million people.
In 2011 Voronezh celebrated its 425-th anniversary. Many interesting facts, connected with its history were published in the mass-media. The people say: «The years are the wealth». So I want to write about the oldest places, the oldest objects which can be found in Voronezh, the oldest people who live there now.
Do you know that:
-the oldest book is kept in Voronezh? It is 472 years old. Its volume is about 1.000 pages. The book contains the works of the Greek philosopher Platon which were translated into Latin. Its cover is made of the genuine leather. The book is kept in Voronezh State University
-the oldest coin was found in Voronezh? It is more than 550 years old. This silver coin weighs about 1 gram. It can be seen in the Museum of Local Studies.
-the oldest stone building of Voronezh is a bell tower of the Akatov monastery and it was built in 1674?
-the oldest street of Voronezh is Sevastyanovsky Driveway, which is behind the building of the Voronezh State University? This street is more than 300 years old. In 1928 it was called Ilinsky Driveway. The historians are sure that the street was built in the time of Peter the Great
-the oldest Voronezh school was opened in the village of Tavrovo in 1703? Recently Tavrovo has become the part of the city Voronezh. The school was closely connected with the epoch of Peter the Great. In 1722 there were 160 pupils there. It was the largest state school in Russia. The education was free at that time. The school prepared specialists for the ship-building.
-Have you ever heard of the oldest people of Voronezh? In July, 2011 there were 30 pensioners, which are over one hundred years old: three men and 27 women. The oldest among them is Maria Ivanovna Esaulenko. She celebrated her birthday on the 15th of July 2011. M.I. is 106 years old now. She lives in Somovo in the family of her grandson. Her life was very difficult, but the long -liver’s health is good, she has a wonderful memory, likes sewing and watching TV news.
Voronezh is my native city. I can’t help loving it. For me it is the best place to live in. Indeed there are a lot of interesting and beautiful places in Voronezh, which I admire greatly. There is much to see in it: various museums, theatres, broad avenues and squares, old churches with golden domes. But if you ask me what places I prefer visiting more often, I will answer that I enjoy being in the centre of Voronezh, walking along the Revolution avenue, dropping in the shops or just sitting in the cafes. Another wonderful place is the Koltsovsky square. It is pleasant to relax in that green corner of my city.
I think, I have the right to be proud of my city. It is a real miracle. So, let us try to keep what we have today! I want my children and grandchildren to see the beauty of Voronezh.


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