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Skripinskie Kuchury, Terenga, Ulyanovsk region

Андриянов Илья, 5 «Б» класс
Учитель: Парфёнова Елена Феликсовна
Муниципальное общеобразовательное учреждение
Тереньгульская средняя (полная)
общеобразовательная школа,
р.п. Тереньга, Ульяновская обл.

My name is Ilya. My surname is Andriyanov. I was born in Terenga. Terenga is a village in Ulyanovsk region. I like it very much. I’d like to tell you about one mysterious place called Skripinskie Kuchury. It is located about 20 kilometres far from Terenga. You can hardly find it without a guide.
Kuchury is a mountain ridge which is 317 metres high above the sea level . Mountains are covered with dark forests. But the most impressive thing is a great amount of huge stones. They have appeared from nowhere and made a big wall.. What kind of secret do these giants keep? There is an opinion that Kuchury protect time. It stopped 300 million years ago there. Perhaps the Earth looked so on the third day of creation of the world. Scientists confirm this guess: relic lichens live only in Kuchury, the rarest for the European part of Russia fern grows among stones.
There are a lot of caves of different sizes in Kuchury, from small to big enough where you can hide yourself. There is even a place where Stenka Razin’s treasures could be hidden. Stones have different shapes. You can hardly believe that it is a result of erosion of rocks. Local residents are sure that these stones have magic power. This place is really unusual- silence, rest, calmness… Some stones look like turtles, crocodiles, cats, birds, faces of huge people. People cannot understand their origin. In Kuchury there are unique “exhibits” which remind traces of disappeared civilizations. For example, “a table” is a huge flat stone with “chairs” standing nearby. Or “a head” with eyes, a nose and a mouth. People say if a person hugs a stone, all diseases will go away. By the way, Skripinskie Kuchury are considered to be a favorite place of rest.
The old residents of Kuchury say that hundreds years ago “unusual people” appeared on the top of Kuchury’s mountains. They were high, black, without hair and could create thunder. Our ancestors tried to make friends with them but they could not do it. These Thunderers disappeared and left a stone dining room and a stone head. And what will be if they come back one day? If you want to see all these stone wonders, come and visit Skripinskie Kuchury.


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