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Terenga, Ulyanovsk region

Ненилина Екатерина , 8«А» класс
Учитель: Парфёнова Елена Феликсовна
Муниципальное общеобразовательное учреждение
Тереньгульская средняя (полная)
общеобразовательная школа,
р.п. Тереньга, Ульяновская обл.

I live in a small village in the Ulyanovsk region called Terenga. There are no high buildings, famous museums, broad streets with expensive stores in my village. But there are a lot of wonderful woods with pines and oaks, rivers, ponds and streams around it. It is so pleasant to meet a dawn standing on the hill, breathing the smell of wild flowers and berries, enjoying the birds’ singing. One of my favourite places in Terenga is the house of Percy- French. People often call it the “Manor-house”. This house is famous not only in Terenga but all over the world. Even tourists from Japan came to visit it. Ekaterina Maksimilianovna Percy-French was a baroness. She inherited this building in the 18th century. She didn`t live there all her life but she visited it regularly. Percy- French left Russia and died in England. She is well- known abroad. She was a noble woman and made a lot for Ulyanovsk region.
Why do I admire this house?
Imagine a big magnificent building with stone stairs, narrow but high windows, a roof in the shape of dome. If you enter the house, you will see a big spacious hall, majestic stairs with wooden banisters, cosy rooms and high ceilings. You may feel the atmosphere of that time. You may "touсh" remote past. As every old house it has its own legend. They say that ghosts guard the treasures hidden in the basement. Some people tried to find treasures but failed. Of course, the "Manor House" is a local attraction. It is situated in the centre of Terenga. A little park is in front of it. There are many people here in the weekends. Young artist like to come here and draw this historical monument. As for me, I just like to come here, sit on the bench and dream…


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