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Vyborg Castle

Бондарева Ирина Георгиевна,
учитель английского языка
ГБОУ СОШ № 263, г. Санкт-Петербурга

Vyborg Castle is a unique and majestic structure. As if grown from the dark grey smooth surface of the surrounding waters it dominates the town. The castle knew periods of flourishing and decline, strengthening and neglect. It is the only medieval castle in Russia today. In different periods its buildings were used for “royal apartments”, “box rooms” of craftsmen, ware houses, prison and stables.
Vyborg Castle was founded by the Swedes in 1293. They managed to capture a part of Karelian lands which were under the rule of Novgorod. These lands had a very significant geographical position because the vital trade route “from the Varagians to the Greeks” passed through them. In 1700 Vyborg fell under the onset of Peter I. It became the member of Russian Empire. The Castle is connected with the name of Peter I as the tsar stayed in the rooms of Governor-General’s house. In the course of bloody battles of the World War II Vyborg passed from hands to hands several times. As a mark of victory a red banner was erected on the flagstaff of he St.Olaf’s tower in June of 1944.
Nowadays, Vyborg Castle is a unique monument of military architecture in Russia. This is an extremely interesting museum. From the inspection ground in the dome of St.Olaf’s tower you can see a really magic view of the town, bay and near-by environs.
The castle is an original historical and cultural centre of the city. Colorful knight’s tournaments, jazz-festivals “Serenades of Vyborg Castle”, days of international cultures became traditional. The air is pure and fragrant here. Stop to have a look around you will see how the Vyborg Castle is reflected solemnly in the waters of the bay.

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