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Suzdal, Cucumber Festival

Давыдова Виктория Евгеньевна 11 класс
МAОУ «Лингвистическая гимназия № 23
им. А.Г. Столетова» г. Владимира
Учитель - Семенова Татьяна Владимировна

Have you ever tried cucumber jam or cucumber pies? If not, you should come to Suzdal annual Cucumber Festival. The idea to celebrate holidays devoted to different vegetables originated in Germany. The Onion Festival was first held in 1653 in Weimar. As Suzdal is often called Cucumber Land it was decided to glorify Cucumber here.
Do we know much about cucumbers?It appears that cucumber is neither a fruit nor a vegetable, but rather a berry and even not a ripe one as the Russian word for cucumber "ogurets" comes from its Ancient Greek name - "agourus" - which literally means "unripe".Citizens of Suzdal have been practicing the art of cucumber-cultivation for centuries, nursing them like babies. So, in 2000 the Vladimir Suzdal Museum-Reserve decided to organize a Cucumber Festival here. Nobody who visits it will remain indifferent to this emerald green miracle with pimples. You will see cucumbers of different sorts, shapes and tints,enjoy performances of folklore groups, learn Russian square dance, play lots of games, sing cucumber hymn, try your skills in making puppet cucumbers, have your pictures in a cucumber costume taken. Citizens of Suzdal will impress visitors with their cucumber dishes: jams, pies, soups and even liqueur-all made of cucumbers. Besides, you`ll be able to buy cucumber souvenirs from local street vendors, which will remind you of the time spent in Suzdal.
At the end of the holiday all guests will say goodbye to the hand-made Cucumber toy and send it to travel up into the sky on a balloon. If you want to crunch delicious fresh cucumbers and get unforgetable impressions, you are welcome to Suzdal in the middle of July. For more information see the official site of the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum- Reserve.


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