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Ulyanovsk. Streets of Ulyanovsk

Леонтьева Наталья, ученица 6 Б класса
МАОУ «Авторский лицей Эдварса №90» г. Ульяновск
Учитель: Савченко Марина Вениаминовна

There are many beautiful streets in Ulyanovsk. One of them is Aviastroiteley street. I really proud of it because this street was built in honor to the workers who work in “Aviastar”.
If you are in a good mood you can walk through Aviastroiteley street and enjoy many beautiful buildings: a library, a supermarket, a post office and schools. You have a chance to take spectacular photographs. Fresh air and picturesque view from this street make you happier. There are many flowers in summer: petunias, daisies, dahlias, roses, tulips and their smell is so good! We can’t imagine Ulyanovsk without the Volga, it is the greatest river in our country. In the afternoon you can take a ferry ride to see the city skyline and it goes without saying the citizens are proud of the Volga. I love my town because there’s much to do here. In summer I like to go rowing and sailing on the Volga and we go ice-skating at any time of the year.

My city

Here the sun is golden
Here the moon is light.
The stars are very beautiful
The people are polite.

Ulyanovsk is a special,
It is the most well-known.
Everyone will tell to you:
«Hi! How are you? Hello!»

I love Ulyanovsk - city,
I like to live here.
Ulyanovsk is fantastic
It’s free, reserved and dear.

There are a lot of trees and flowers,
There are a lot of cars and birds.
When you will come to Ulyanovsk
You will tell many words.


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