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Tver, Travelling Palace

Сусанина Юлия Алексеевна
МОУ «Тверская гимназия № 6»
14 лет, ученица 8а класса.
учитель: Ена Светлана Викторовна.

My name is Julia Susanina. I am 14 years old. I study at Tver gymnasium № 6. I’d like to take part in the contest “Interactive Map of Russia”

Tver Travelling Palace is an architectural monument of the XVIII century, which is located in the historic centre of Tver between Sovetskaya Street, the Old Bridge and Starovolzhsky City Garden.
The two pavilion Palace was built in 1764-1766 in the classical style with Baroque elements according to the project of M. Kazakov. The palace was designed for the rest of the imperial family on the way from St. Petersburg to Moscow. On February 12, 1767 the Empress Catherine II first came to the palace and gave dinner for the local nobility.
The palace was rebuilt by Carlo Rossi in the early XIX century. General-governor Oldenburgsky and his wife Ekaterina Pavlovna, the sister of Emperor Alexander I, settled in the restored palace. She turned the palace into the center of secular life and fashionable literary salon, where the high society gathered and was visited by many prominent people from Moscow and St.Petersburg. N. Karamzin read excerpts from his “History” to Alexander I here. In 1864 the palace was quietly and subtly complemented by Rezanov, who made another adjustment, this time in the “old style”. Since 1898 the palace became the residence of Tver Governor. In autumn 1941 the building was partially destroyed by the Nazis. It was restored in 1946-1948 by architect Bondarenko and Kolly.
Many famous people visited the palace: the famous artist O.A.Kiprensky, writerA.A. Lazhechnikov, poet V.A.Zhukovsky and F.N.Glinka. Art exhibition and music parties are held here. One of the oldest art museum – Tver Region Picture Gallery is located here.


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