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The Monument to Athanasius Nikitin

Громова Ксения Александровна
Чхатвал Янис
МОУ «Тверская гимназия № 6»
14 лет, ученики 8а класса,
учитель: Ена Светлана Викторовна.

Our names are Kseniya Gromova and Yanis Chhatval. We are 14 years old and we studying at gymnasium №6. We’d like to take part in the contest “Interactive Map of Russia”.

In the city of Tver on the left bank of the Volga between two bridges there is a monument to Afanasy Nikitin, a famous merchant and traveller. The four-meter bronze statue stands on the deck of a beautiful boat. The monument was made by sculptor S.M. Orlov and architect G.A. Zahharov. Nikitin’s travels lasted seven years. In 1468 Russian merchants decided to trade with Transcaucasia. He took some goods on credit counting upon profit. But the travel turned out to be a complete failure. Their ships were plundered by Tatars and later in the Caspian Sea they got in a storm. The poor merchants returned to Tver, but Afanasy had no money to pay debts. So he spent two years in Persia in hope to grow rich.
In 1471 he sailed to India. He spent about three years there. Local governors persistently persuaded him to accept Moslem and to stay in India for ever, promised him riches. But he refused and was pursued for that, held him in prison. Though Afanasy respected foreign customs, he never forgot about his native land. The way home appeared to be tiring and long .He failed to reach Tver; suddenly he fell ill and died near Smolensk in 1475. Nikitin made notes during his journey. Later they were published as a book with the title «The Sails Across Three Seas», where he wrote that India was «a fantastic and unknown country. People there go nude, do not eat meat, and during meals they are used to cover themselves with shawls. Later this book was translated into many languages.
A. Nikitin was the first European who made the authentic description of India.


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