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Tver, Gymnasium № 6

Невская Анна Павловна
МОУ «Тверская гимназия № 6»
14 лет, ученица 8а класса.
учитель: Ена Светлана Викторовна.

My name is Anna Nevskaya. I’m 14. I study in the 8th form of Tver classical school № 6. I’d like to take part in the contest “Interactive Map of Russia”.

School №6 is one of the oldest schools in Tver. It’s located at №1, Sovetskaya street. The ceremony of opening the building in September, 1905 was attended by the governor of Tver P.A. Sleptsov and the mayor A.F. Karpov. At first, the school was a female commercial school. For the first ten years the school was headed by the graduate of the Science Faculty of St. Petersburg State University Roze Nicholay Ottovich.
From 1918 to 1923 it was school №24 and the Industrial and Economic College. Then from 1923 to October 1941 it became school №7. In 1923-27 music at school was taught by the future author of the Hymn of the USSR A. Alexandrov. During the occupation of Kalinin in 1941 the German fascist troops housed a German hospital. When the city was set free, there was a Soviet hospital here. The school building was one of the few survived buildings in the city of Kalinin. After the war it became a school again. Since 1944 Men's High School №6 was located in that building and from 1963 to 1993 it was a school with a profound studying of the English language. During these years, "the 6th Guard’s school" has become one of the best educational institutions, not only the city of Kalinin (Tver), but in the whole Kalinin region.
In 1993, school №6 got the title of "High School", and it became known as the “MEI”, Tver Gymnasium № 6. Nowadays, more than 600 students study in this high school, and a lot of teachers, devoted to their profession work here. Many famous people studied at our school, among them are Boris Polevoy, a famous writer, poet Andrey Dementyev, actor Vladimir Zeldin, academician Stanislav Shatalin.


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