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Saint-Petersburg, Yudino

Лагуткина Елизавета Анатольевна
ГБОУ лицей №533
8П класс

You see two places on the map: Saint-Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities in my country, and a small village Yudino(not far from Voronez), which is also dear to me as roots of my family are there.
Saint-Petersburg is well-known all over the world, because it is considered the cultural capital of Russia. Moreover, it is industrial, educational and tourist center. About five million people live here and I think it is great to live in the city full of history. In my city we have a lot of places that appear to be places of tourist attraction. The Aleksander Nevsky Lavra, the Hermitage, the Summer Garden, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Alexandrinsky Theatre, palaces and bridges are landmarks of our city. Walks around the city are enjoyable! We are proud that the World Heritage sites are located in Saint-Petersburg. It is Historic Centre of the city and related groups of monuments. They need care, protection and attention. We must do our best to keep the city clean, safe and beautiful. Yudino is a small and quiet place far away from Saint-Petersburg. Usually I go there with my parents to visit my grandparents who live there. We usually get to Yudino by train, so the journey starts from Moskovsky Railway station.
The life in a small village differs from the life in a big city. The area where the village is located is covered with hills and you will not find there any motorways, hotels and shopping centres. Small churches are hidden among the hills. Not many people visit these places but they look so peaceful and attractive!
My grandparents have a farm: chickens, rabbits, goats, pigs, and sheep. The dog and cats are a part of the family. I don’t have pets in Saint-Petersburg, so I like to feed domestic animals on the farm and play with them. Favourite places are never forgotten, they remain in memory for lifetime. This is the place where you feel free, safe, feel at home. But when I come back to Saint-Petersburg, I feel delighted that there is such a city!


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