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Ryazan Region, Erlino

Браткина Татьяна Павловна,
учитель английского языка
МБОУ Кораблинская средняя общеобразовательная школа
г. Кораблино, Рязанская область

There are a lot of wonderful places in Ryazan region, both cultural and historical. One of the most notable is a park-arboretum, located in the former estate of Sergei Nikolayevich Khudekov, the village of Erlino Korablino district.
Sergey Nikolayevich Khudekov (1837 -1928) was a well-known journalist, playwright, researcher, editor and publisher of "St. Petersburg Newspaper". Khudekov had passion for plants, which he indulged in his Erlino estate. A special pride of the owner was a gorgeous park-arboretum, located around the manor-house. There were avenues of elms, oaks, lindens and thickets of walnuts.
Trees grow for a long time and live longer than people. So today, after more than a hundred years, we can still admire the green luxury of the park. The old trees in the park-arboretum are more than 150 years old. About 88 species of trees and bushes grow currently in the park. By the order of the Government of the Ryazan region in October 2006 the historical-cultural and natural-landscape museum-reserve «The S.N. Khudekov» was established in the village of Erlino.
Now the restoration works go in the estate of S. Khudekov. Everyone who wants to enjoy the unique beauty of the central Russian region, get acquainted with the life and creativity of our great countryman Sergey Nikolayevich Khudekov is met with warmth and cordial hospitality in Erlino.


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