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Ryazan Region, Konstantinovo

Мильшина Татьяна, 8А класс
Браткина Татьяна Павловна,
учитель английского языка
МБОУ Кораблинская средняя общеобразовательная школа
г. Кораблино, Рязанская область

Konstantinovo Village is one of the most amazing places on the river Oka. Here, October 3, 1895 the Great Russian poet Sergey Esenin was born. In the village of Konstantinovo the poet spent his childhood and youth.
The village is situated on a high Konstantinovo picturesque bank, offering magnificent views at the Oka River. Here you can find the poet's parents' house, and remember his beautiful poems. In Konstantinovo you forget about your problems and enjoy the beautiful Russian nature. The most important landmark of Konstantinovo and the entire Ryazan region is the Museum of Sergei Esenin. Immediately after the poet’s death a lot of admirers of his work came to Konstantinovo, wishing to know more about him. And in 1965 a museum of the poet as a branch of the Ryazan regional museum was founded in Konstantinovo. It became very popular. In 1970 the museum was given the status of the literary-memorial. You can also see the old church of the Kazan Mother of God, located on the right bank of the Oka River, decorated with golden domes. In this temple, Sergei Esenin’s parents were married and the future poet was baptized.
The people of Ryazan and Ryazan region love to go to Konstantinovo. In my opinion Konstantinovo is one of those places where you get and say «AH! » It is very beautiful especially in golden autumn and in July, during hot summer. There is nature!!! You go out to the Oka and realize that nature itself «composes» poetry.


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