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Almetyevsk, Riza Fakhretdin

Тазеева Далия, Гариева Ильнара, 8А класс.
Учитель: Надиманова Айгуль Мизхатовна
Муниципальное бюджетное образовательное учреждение
«Гимназия №1 им. Ризы Фахретдина»
г. Альметьевска Республики Татарстан

We would like to tell you about Riza Fakhretdin, an outstanding figure, whose name has been inscribed with gold in the history of the Tatar people among its other renowned sons. He was a historian, writer, pedagogue and a prominent religious figure. We are proud that he is our countryman. More than that, our school was named after him.
Rizaetdin Fakhretdin was born on 13 January 1859 in the village of Kichuchatovo of the Samara region (in the present-day Almetyevsk district of the Republic of Tatarstan). His father was a local imam. Rizaetdin obtained his first lessons at the age of 5-6 years from his mother. Later he studied at school and, being a student, taught juniors. He was smart and intelligent, wanted to broaden his mind. After graduating from madrasa (muslim school), he passed successfully 19 exams in Ufa, and was appointed to the post of imam-khatyb. Holding that post, Riza Fakhretdin did many socially useful deeds. In 1887 year he published his first book on the grammar of the Arabic language. For his self-sacrificing work, Riza Fakhretdin was twice awarded by the tsarist government with silver and golden medals. Later he was absorbed in his scientific activities and intensified his creative work. One after another he wrote textbooks, literary works, and a historical work titled «Asar». All in all, by the year 1907, he published 29 literary, historical, scientific, pedagogical, and religious works and separate writings. Some of them were re-published 4 and 5 times. The conscientious work and creative activities brought Riza Fakhretdin fame in the whole Turkic-Tatar and Muslim world.
Riza Fakhretdin died on 12 April 1936 in Ufa. The policy of militant atheism of the Soviet State with respect to religion in general, and the activity of Riza Fakhretdin as qadi and mufti became the reason why his name as scientist was undeservedly forgotten for many decades. It was only at the late 1960s when his name returned to press.
The students, teachers and parents of our school study his books and follow the rules, in which Riza Fakhretdin taught the basic of humanity, tolerance and native culture. In our region there are two museums devoted to him: in his native village Kichuchatovo and in our school.


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