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Yoshkar-Ola – The Town I am proud of

Ерина Анастасия Сергеевна,
ученица 7Б класса
МБОУ «Средняя общеобразовательная школа № 10
Черкасова Елена Константиновна,
учитель второй квалификационной категории
(стаж работы 3,5 года)

I’d like to tell you about my town. I like Yoschar-Ola because I was born here and I am proud of it. Our town is not very big, but there are many sights. I would like to tell you about the embankment of Brugge. Many people say that place is a national park where people can walk, meet and enjoy the beauty of the park. There are many monuments to famous people, wonderful fountains and churches. Not far from them there is a monument to the founder of our town. In the centre of square there is The Blagoveshenskaya tower with a clock built this summer. Summer is a suitable time for walking at this place.
In the centre of our town there is the National Gallery the famous place for our citizens. Many foreigners from others cities visit our town and like to go to the gallery because the place tells the history of our town. Many painters come to us with their pictures. Many citizens of our town prefer to visit the exhibitions. As for me I go to the National Gallery every year. It’s very interesting! There is a sculpture of the tree of the life in the Park of Culture in our town. There are three bronze musicians more than 3 meters high. They play national Mari instruments. There are tree heroes. There is a boy, a man and an aged man. There is a trinity as a symbol of the life in the centre. The sculpture contains historical and cultural history of Mari people.
Another famous monument is the Yoschkin cat. It is the symbol of our town. The cat is sitting on the bench. The sculpture is the gift to our town. Many people come to us to touch to his nose. They believe it gives them happiness.
As you see our town has got a lot of sights and I am pound of I was born and I live here now. I hope it would be pleasant to read and know a little about my favorite town. Yoshkar-Ola is worth visiting!


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