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The Bashkir State Academic Drama Theatre named after Mazhit Gafury

Андреева Анастасия Сергеевна
Ученица 8 Б класса
МАОУ лицей № 46 г. Уфа
Учитель: Канзафарова Лилия Газинуровна

The history of the Bashkir State Academic Theatre named after Mazhit Gafury dates back to 1919, when in December, 4, Mokhamatsha Borangholov’s play «Ashkathar» was staged.
The first art director of the theatre was V. G Mortazin-Imansky, a well-known actor and producer. The Bashkir State Academic Drama Theatre is one of the leading of the Bashkir national art. It is known not only in Ufa, but every corner of the republic. The theatre was first on tour in 1922 in Petrograd, and since 1927 it began tour in Moscow, Petersburg, the largest theatre in centres as Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Perm etc.
The history of the theatre is rich in events and names. It is hard to list all the remarkable figures-actors, producers, artists, composers. They are Makarim Magadeev, Bathar Yosopova, Arthlan Mobarakov, Zaituna Bikbulatova, Bulat Imashev, Ragitha Yanbulatova and others. It’s also difficult to numerate all the outstanding actors of today’s troupe, they are Gyully Mobarakova, Khamit Yarullin, Zinira Atnabaeva, Fidan Gafarov, Nuriya Irsaeva and others. Special pages of the repertory biography are connected with the names of such playwrights as Mustai Karim, Nazhib Asanbaev, Angham Atnabaev, Ibrahim Abdullin, Rafael Safin. The most popular plays of different genres are: meloromantic tragedy «Narkas» of Ilshat Yomagholov, «Long Childhood» of Mustai Karim, comedy «My wife’s name is Morris» of R. Shart.
Our theatre is cultured, intellectual, intelligent and of European standard. Widely spread touring activity and active participation in Russia and foreign festivals contribute to the success and popularity of the theatre.

  • Народный поэт Башкортостана, классик башкирской и татарской литературы


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