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Жильцова Ольга, 10А класс
МБОУ «Гимназия №1» Карасукского района
Новосибирской области
Учитель: Шестухина Ольга Александровна

My native town is Karasuk. Karasuk is a small town on the south of Novosibirsk Region, it boarders Kazakhstan and Altai on the south. The word «karasuk» originally comes from the Turkish word meaning «black water». Karasuk stands on the river which has the same name as the town. Its territory is rather bleak, the climate is rather dry, there are no big forests here and the weather is very changeable from very cold to very hot. Karasuk was founded in 1912 as a station. It became a town in 1954. Now Railway station Karasuk-1 is one of the largest junctions of the Western-Siberian railway. The population of my town is about 30000. The distinctive feature of our city is a careful attitude to the cultural traditions of the people living in its territory. It is a natural phenomenon that the sunflower on the emblem of our district symbolizes movement, aspiration to happiness of multinational population. There are 4 cultural centers in Karasuk: the centres of Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh and German cultures.
There are some interesting places in my town: St. Andrew’s Temple, Water Tower, which was built in 1915. There is also a swimming-pool, a museum, a music school, an art school, a sport school and a sport complex in Karasuk. The modern monument of Glory was erected to the 65 anniversary of the victory during the Great Patriotic War. Karasuk district is also famous for its burial mounds and it has a lot of salt lakes with medicinal properties.
I am sure, wherever I’ll live in my future life, I’ll be proud of the place where I was born.


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