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Prishvin's house

Г. Сергиев Посад
Трегубова Анастасия
МОУ «СОШ № 18»
Учитель Иванова А.О.

Sergiev Posad always attracts attention of different writers and poets. Here lived N.V. Gogol, F.M. Dostoyevskii, N.M. Karamzin, L.N. Tolstoy and many others.
One of them was Prishwin. At Komsomolskaya Street stays a wooden house, where M.M. Prishvin lived. There is a metallic doorplate, where we can read: «Here lived and worked Michail Michailovitsch Prishvin». After traveling through the country for ten years, the writer visited Sergiev Posad. Wonderful scenery enraptured Prishvin, and he bought a small house here. There was a big garden near the house. How beautiful that garden was! It was very old; there were a lot of linden in that garden.
When we come into the room, we see modest furniture. For example a small sofa, Prishvin’s camp-bed. All the furniture is plain. There is a table with a type writer this. On the table stays a photo of Prishvin’s mother too. There are a lot of books in foreign languages in the bookcase. All the house consists only of three rooms. There is a cabinet, a dining room and a bedroom in that house. Every morning Prishvin created in his room stories, works of literature. At the dinning room stands a big table. When friends of Prishvin visited him, they usually sat at that table. There was a door in the dining room. Through it we can go into a veranda. The great writer liked to relax there. This small house is very comfortable. Some things are on those places, where they stood, when Prishvin lived in this house. A lot of stories and other Prishvin's works were written here, in Sergiev Posad.
This town attracts a lot if holidaymakers, writers and artists. Many people like to visit it. I love my native town. I’m sure, many people, who have ever visited it, love it too.


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