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History of Lianozovo

Кукова Софья,
ученица 7А класса ГОУ ЦО № 166,
г. Москва, учитель Гевак Алла Александровна

In our school we have a museum “Lianozovo and we”. The pupils of our class are the guides in this museum. And today I want to tell you about the history of Lianozovo.
The history of Lianozovo is more than 400 years. The first mention of a small village situated near Moscow is in ancient book of 1585 when landowner Neupokoj Mjakishev owned the wooden house. The name, possibly, is formed from a surname of the first owner Oltufev , known since 1495. In the beginning of XVII century Altufievo was ruined and turned into a heathland. Its owners were brothers Akinfovy, who owned the village for almost hundred years.
In 1687 Nikita Ivanovich Akinfov erected Altufevo stone church in honor to Vozdvizhenija Kresta Gospodnja. In 1786 the village was bought by Prince Stepan Kurakin, the rich land owner, the descendant of the old family. The prince built manour house, laid out a garden, dug the pond which has remained until now. A.Krylov, D.I.Fonvizin, an artist F.S.Rokotova started to visit the village. Altufievo became prosperous.
During Patriotic war of 1812 the manor was ruined. In 1888 the manor passed to the Armenian oil tycoon and a monopolist of export of Russian caviar to Europe to George Martynovich Lianozov who had 3 sons: Martyn, Stepan and Lyon.
In 1903 Martyn sold a manor to a society in which «persons of intelligent trades» prevailed, and the territory was used for building of the housing estate which received the name of Lianozovo.
In 1960 Lianozovo and Altufievo entered into line of Moscow, the Moscow ring highway which has cut down territory of manor from the north became new border.


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