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From the history of Tsarskoe Sel, Records of Glory

Онищук Анастасия, Парджиани Анна,
Утенкова Мария, Алексеева Татьяна,
учащиеся 9а класса Г, юные экскурсоводы ГБОУ
СОШ №403 Пушкинского района города Санкт-Петербурга

We ,d like to suggest to your attention an excursion devoted to the monuments of Russian martial glory in Tsarskoe selo in Catherin Park.Tsarskoe Selo is often called “The Pantheon of Russian glory”.There’s the complex of memorial structures in the Catherin Park, which consists of the Crimean Column, The Kagul Obelisk, The Chesme and Morea Column. It became the single, majestic poem about the glory of the Russian arms. Let,s start our excursion from the Kagul obelisk. The famous architect Antonio Rinaldi created out the project of the obelisk in 1771-1772. The concise lines on the obelisk narrate us about the glorious victory of Russian army in july 21, 1770, when 17 thousand Russian soldiers, headed by the commander Rumyantsev, won the victory over the 150 thousand Turkish army and forced it to run .Another glorious monument, errected in 1771 is the Morea Column. From the dedicated inscriptions on the obelisk we can learn about a lot of successful battles of the Russian army and the navy in 1770s on Peloponessky penincula, called Morea in the past.The next monument, which Alexander Pushkin,s contemporaries compeared to epich poem to the courage and bravery of Russian soldiers is the Chesme column, errected in 1778 by the architect Rinaldi and the sculptor Schvarch . We admire the harmony of its sculptural and architectoral forms .The historic significance of the battles is underlined by the location of the Rostal column in the middle of the lake.We can see a bronze depiction of an eagle, which holds a crescent as a symbol of the defeated fleet of the Turkish sulton and reminds us about the hero of Chessmen battle –Alexey Orlov, the commander of Russian army.The expressive finish of Russian glory,s complex is the Crimean Column, errrected in 1777.There are some interesting facts from the history of this monument. The monolith for the column was delivered from Siberia .Later, as the contemporary newspapesr wrote, it was laid on the sledge, made of bars 16 arshins long, and 120 horses together carried it to Tsarskoe Selo within 8 hours. Our short excursion has come to an end. Thank you for your attention!


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