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Angarsk, interesting facts

Вихров Фёдор Дмитриевич
МБОУ «Ангарский лицей №1»
Учащийся 8 Б класса.
Оленникова Татьяна Николаевна,
преподаватель английского языка

Hi everyone!
My name is Fedor Vihrov and I would like to welcome you to my city Angarsk, which is one of the largest cities in Irkutsk Region. I was born here 15 years ago. I spent my childhood here and now I’m studying at the Liceum №1.
Angarsk wouldn’t be Angarsk without the Angara River. This river played an important part in making the first colonies in East Siberian Region. Angarsk is a modern city, which is 57 years old. There aren’t ancient churches and monuments here, but it’s a cosy, comfortable city. I love it because there is so much to do here and there are plenty of activities to choose from.
In the summer I go to the river Angara with my friends and to the Lake Baikal with my family, which is a pearl of Eastern Siberia. You know it is the deepest lake in the world! It is a two hour drive from Angarsk. You should visit the Baikal and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it. In the winter we can go ice-skating and go skiing. But we have a new Ice Palace, so we can go skating at any time at the year. It’s one of the coolest sports of young people in our city. I prefer going to the swimming - pool with my friends.
There are more than 40 schools in Angarsk, but my Liceum is the best. It’s in the center of our city. There are several museums a five minute walk from here, such as the Museum of Clocks and Watches, the Museum of Minerals and the Art Gallery. The exposition at the Museum of Clocks and Watches is amazing. You can see a fantastic world of old watches from different countries. I like it so.
There are a lot of beautiful cities, towns, villages around the world, but the native one is the best place in the Earth. I love Angarsk, because it is the city of my relatives and my friends. This is my city!


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