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Жамбалова Любовь Цыреновна , 10 класс
Забайкальский край,
Читинская область, село Дульдурга
Учитель английского языка
Косякова Елена Александровна

In the south-east part of Zabaikalie situated the small village with the beautiful name Duldurga. Duldurga means “ the valley of winds”. It is my native place. I like it. There are a lot of interesting places here but one of them it is mountain Alkhanai. In 1980 it was announced a monument of nature. It is 1664 meters high, but among Aginsk steppe it looks very big. There is taiga around the mountains but Alkhanai likes as island. The rivers Ilya and Duldurga flow around it. The name of this mountain was from Buryat — Mongol’s word “alha” means “monster”. The Buryat religious ceremony “alhana” was appeared here that is adoration to the monster. From this ceremony the mountain got its name. When there was sorrow, despondency, necessity, the people asks from monster kindness and condescension. Scientists thought that there were millions years ago it was a volcano. Rocks and stones on the Alkhanai have different forms. The time, the water and the wind were worked of them.
My Granny told me the interesting legend about it. Many year ago a hero Alkhanai lived there. He had no sons, but he had two daughters — IIya and Duldurga. He loved them very much. They were very smart and beautiful. One day they were falling in love to Onon, because this young man was strong and beautiful. But Onon loved t younger sister Duldurga and Ilya loved him too. Duldurga wanted that her sister will be happy. She decided to give to Ilya her beauty and then she died. Onon and Ilya had just married and left his father. The father Alkhanai was very distressed; his heart had changed into a stone. Now the river Duldurga flows into Ilya and Ilya flows into the river Onon but Alkhanai stands alone with the stone heart. Now it has name “Stone- Heart”.


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