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My Native Town Krasnokamensk

School 49 specializing in English,
Zabaikalsky Krai Chita.
Zuev Alexandr, a 6th Former.
My English teacher is Ryumina N.I.

In May 1963 geologists found deposits of uranium in the Daurian Steppe. One of the rocks of bright red colour (especially at sunrise) was called Red Stone. That’s why the settlement got its name Krasnokamensk. In July 1967 military builders set to building the town and the plant. In October 19 that year the town was officially named Krasnokamensk. This is the second largest city in the Trans-Baikal region with a population of 57 thousand people. The enterprise "Priargunsky Mining and Chemical Plant” is Russia’s largest uranium mining company. It produces 3000 tons of uranium (93% of Russian and 8% of world production) annually. The company was awarded the Order of Labor Red Banner and the Order of Lenin. In 2003 the city was awarded a special All-Russian competition prize "The well-built modern City of Russia" among the cities with the population of 100 thousand people. Krasnokamensk is especially beautiful in spring, when wild apricot and apple trees are in blossom. Dwellers love their city. Subbotnics throughout the town are held twice a year. The city really shines because of its cleanliness and bright sun. There are two Houses of Culture, a beautiful Orthodox Church, many libraries and good sports facilities. The folk dance ensemble "Zabaykaltsy" is known in Siberia, in China and in many other parts of the country. Sportsmen win prizes at the national and international competitions in karate, boxing, calisthenics, swimming. The geographical position of the town contributes to the development of cultural, economic and trade relations with China. Krasnokamensk and Manchuria are twin-cities.


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