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Kamyshin, Dear fans of exotic trips!

Тимченко Алина Олеговна
МБОУ СОШ №14 г.Камышина,
Волгоградской области
Учитель иностранного
языка – Панова Ирина Анатольевна

I invite you to visit a small provincial town Kamyshin. Are you surprised? Even shocked? Or amazed? What may be exotic in a small provincial town? Certainly, if you were in the Louvre, the British Museum, the Tretyakov Gallery and the Hermitage, our museum will not surprise you. But our museum is not ordinary. Our museum was founded in August 13Th, 1961. At present there are shown over 25000 items. The expositions of the museum are located in 14 halls. Our museum can attract those who are interested in the architecture-the buildings are of the XIX century. Yes, my town is small, but cozy and quiet. There is one feature that makes my town exotic. This is the only town on the Earth, where for 5 years already the watermelon festival has been carried out. Fanсy dress parade, flower show, a drama with Peter 1 (who called the berry, which he tried when he visited our town, ˈˈzelo otmennyi plodˈˈ)- all these events are devoted to this wonderful berry. Surely, you say, what can be amazing and surprising in the fact that in Kamyshin grow the most delicious watermelons in the world (by the way, this is acknowledged in many international exhibitions). The main exotic feature is – on the day of the watermelon festival you can eat and take as many watermelons as you want! And absolutely free!
Excited? Then, come to us on the second Sunday of September!


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