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Volgograd, The unusual monument of my native city

Кинаш Екатерина Игоревна
г. Волгоград МОУ гимназия №4
МОУ гимназия №4, 7 «В» класс,
учитель английского языка: Кинаш Елена Петровна

Volgograd is a picturesque city with a rich history. Its megacity attracts tourists from different parts of Russia and foreign countries. I think Volgograd is worth being shown and spoken. I’m proud of my city. First of all, it’s a Hero- city with the legendary pages of Stalingrad Battle. There are such bright monuments as the Motherland and the Mamayev Hill, the Pavlov House.
Secondly, Volgograd of today is a modern city with beautiful buildings, wide straight avenues, numerous parks. It’s also a big cultural and educational centre with theatres, museums, cinemas, libraries, stadiums. Thirdly, there are some unusual sights in my native city. I would like to tell you about one of the most amusing monument to guard dogs. On the one hand, my choice is connected with my preference. These animals are very clever and understand you very well. I am a real dog lover. On the other hand, the monument to dogs-fighters is the first animal’s monument in Russia. It represents a dog standing in expectation of an instructor’s command. There is a bag with «killing cargo» on its back. This monument was opened on May, 28th in 2011 in Volgograd. It’s located in the park near the monument to Security officers.
During the Great Patriotic War dogs destroyed thirty-two tanks and a lot of soldiers of German army. The commander of the 10th Division Alexander Saraev wrote that such dogs were fed under the tanks. As the result, animals used to run under the war machines with mines fixed on their backs to take food. It was cruel but our army had to sacrifice dogs in order to save Russian people. They say dogs are the best friends of people. Now everybody knows why they are.


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