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The Astrakhan reserve

МБОУ «ЧаганскаяСОШ», Камызякский район,
Астраханская область
ученица 8 класса Искандарова Гуляфар.
Учитель иностранных языков
Петрова Елена Алексеевна.

The Astrakhan national park is located in delta of Volga. Around water, the islands which have grown with a reed, a willow. Having passed more than 3000 km, Volga branches on tens sleeves, channels. And between them, on islands, in three isolated sites, the Astrakhan reserve is located: in the west - Damchik, in the centre - Trehizbinka, in the east - Obzhorovo. It is necessary to go To the Astrakhan reserve, that will get acquainted with the reserved nature of region: to see unique landscapes of delta of Volga, to feel aroma of the dismissed lotus and to observe birds who here live or stop on rest.
In lower reaches of delta of Volga is more than 290 kinds of plants. The fantastic flower grows In the Astrakhan reserve - a lotus - extraordinary size and a coloring! It is known in delta of Volga more than 200 years, here it name the Caspian rose. From the middle of July till September lotus plantations - the sea of blue-green leaves and the pink colors exhaling gentle aroma blossom. At east people a lotus - a cleanliness and nobleness symbol. This relic plant is known since the cretaceous period. There are some hypotheses of occurrence of a lotus in delta of Volga. On one of them, the lotus has been brought here by birds during migration. In their intestines found the lotus nuts, capable to sprout at hit in reservoirs. On another, a lotus wandering Kalmyks, on which beliefs have delivered in delta a lotus — a sacred plant. On the third, a lotus — the native of delta of Volga, remained here during many millions years. Floating leaves nut a lotus reach 80 sm in diameter and can sustain the small child, almost as the well-known tropical Victoria Regija.


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