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The Astrakhan Museum of the Local Lore

Богатырёва Татьяна Владимировна
учитель английского языка
МБОУ «Красноярская СОШ №1»
cело Красный Яр Астраханской области

The Astrakhan Museum of the Local Lore is one of the oldest provincial museums of our country. It was founded in 1837. The initiator of the creation of the museum was Timiryazev I. S., who was a governor of Astrakhan that time. The museum consisted of only one hall that was superbly furnished. It contained some stuffed animals, birds and fish, a collection of silver coins, a collection of insects and some models of boats used for fishing. In 60th years of the 19th century a part of the exhibits was given to other institutions for keeping them because of the lack of money. The further development of the museum is connected with the activity of the Petrovskyi Society of the investigators of Astrakhan region. The most active of them were Khlebnikov V. A. and Malinovskiy K. N. In 1911 the exposition of the museum was housed in the building where the Museum of the Local Lore is located now. The nature collection is very interesting. Here you can see numerous stuffed animals, birds and fish. One of the most interesting exhibits is a stuffed sturgeon. Its length is 6.5 meters. It weighted 1850 kg. The lotos field gives an idea about this rare flower, grown in our region. The main exhibit hall tells about the history of the old Astrakhan. It contains documents about the Caspian Navy, organized by Peter 1. The museum has about 300.000 exhibits. Some unique things of archeology out of gold and silver are displayed in the museum. The Museum of the Local Lore is worth visiting.


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