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Vladivostok, My Native City

Hello! I ‘m Pavel Shestakov.
I go to School number 61 in Vladivostok.
Teacher Гелич Елена Ивановна.

I want to tell you about Vladivostok. It is my native city. It is situated in the far East of Russia on the Japanese sea cost. Vladivostok is the center of Primorye with the population of more than 750 000. The city was founded in the 1860. It is one of the most important seaports in Russia. It is situated on the hills in a very convenient harbor protected from winds. It is situated on the coast of golden bay and the Amurskiy bay. Vladivostok is the town of seamen, fisher men sportsmen students .There are many higher educational institutions. There many places of interests, historical buildings, monuments l in the city.
There are a lot of interesting things being done for the APEC Summit. Vladivostok is developing city. 3 bridges are built there. Federal road Vladivostok - Khabarovsk was reconstructed. Many crossings appeared in our city. New parts of the Federal university are being built on Russian island.
New district which is called Snegovaya pad’ has been built recently for the families of former servicemen. You can see many new German busses in the streets. Some new routes appeared last year. Sea Products are well-known not only in our region, but abroad. Primorye is rich in sea products. They are imported by many countries. They are tasty and good for health
The Funicular is the only cabel car in the Far east. It has been working for 50 years. It It is used by hundreds of people to admire the beautiful view of the city and the Golden Horn bay. It is a marvelous sight. It is cheap and reliable.
The most popular chocolate factory is Primorskiy Conditer. Sweets , chocolate bars are bought and enjoyed by millions of people in different parts of Russia.


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