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Vladivostok is a center of Primorskiy Krai

Tanya Ryzhova
Teacher Гелич Елена Ивановна.

My name is Tanya Ryzhova, and I want you to know about my city. I live in such a lovely place like Vladivostok. I love my city very much. There are so many beautiful places in it. Vladivostok is a center of Primorskiy Krai. Vladivostok was founded in 1860. 152 years ago it was a military post, but few years later it was renamed the port. Today Vladivostok is a modern city with a developed infrastructure. There are two stations in Vladivostok. You can see one of them on the photo. There is a big central square not far from the railway station with the Memorial to the Fighters for Soviet Power. Every year different parades, demonstrations and celebrations are held there. Vladivostok has its customs and traditions such as Tiger’s Day, Day of the Sea and the Day of the city. One of the attractions is the Funicular. It has two trailers of red and blue colours. Vladivostok is the city of students, a lot of them are fond of different sports. A lot of modern stadiums have been build recently. The APEC summit is taking place in Vladivostok in September. A lot of different beautiful things are being built nowadays. One of them is a massive bridge across the Golden Horn Bay. You can see it on the photo. Vladivostok is the most beautiful place in Primorskiy Krai for me. Such beauty can’t be seen anywhere else. For me Primorskiy Krai with its capital is my native place.


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