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The sights of Tomsk -“White Lake”

My name is Denisova Nasty and I’m 12.
I’m in year 6 at school.
I live in Tomsk and study in lyceum №7.

I’m fond of studying English and History. I also like my native town. My English teacher, Lazareva Svetlana Victorovna, suggested me to take part in this project and I did it with great pleasure.

I live in Tomsk. Tomsk is not very large, but it’s a very nice town, one of the most charming and beautiful in Siberia. Tomsk was founded in 1604.It located on the Tom River. Tomsk is also called Siberian Athens, because there are many academic institutions and universities here. Tomsk is well known for its intricate "gingerbread" decoration of its traditional wooden houses and wonderful old legends. One of this legend is about White lake. It situated on Voskresenskaya hill, in a historical part of Tomsk. There are many legends about the origin of the name of the lake, as well as its appearance. There are several versions of the origin of the name of the lake. According to the most probable version the lake was named "White" because it was surrounded by white birch trees. Another version is that this lake was home to white swans. Another version is the fact that the lake was considered curative and its water healed from eye diseases and the blind can see «white light». May be, the Lake is called White because the legend tells us that one beautiful girl Toma, the daughter of the kind duke Toyan, covered it with her own blood to cure the Tomsk people. Since that time the lake had been treated as a magic one. The water in the lake worth its weight in gold.“White Lake” – a unique nature object, a place of recreation of Tomsk city dwellers. White Lake is a natural monument, a popular holiday destination Tomsk citizens. In winter there are snow towns built on the ice, a fir tree set, contests of snow and ice sculptures and competitions "Gold Igloo" in the construction of the igloo take place. In summer there are rolling catamaran competitions, ship models and other events take place. And of course, it’s my favorite resting place.


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