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Moscow, The Tsar Cannon

Гойко Варвара Валерьевна
ГБОУ СОШ № 19 имени Белинского
Ученица 6 класса «Б»
Учитель – Быкова Надежда Ильинична
Гойко Варвара Валерьевна
When I was in the Kremlin, I was impressed by the Tsar Cannon. The most amazing things are its size and beauty. Another interesting thing is that some documents say that this big gun shot only once but others say it never fired.
It was created in 1586 in the Moscow Cannon Court by a well-known Russian cannon-caster Andrei Chokhov. It was the order of Tsar Feodor Ioannovich. It was brought to the Kremlin by 200 horses!
The Tsar Cannon is situated behind the Kremlin Armory facing the Kremlin Senate. It is one of the most famous sights of the Kremlin. It is the biggest cannon in the world because of its caliber of 890 mm. The Tsar Cannon is made of bronze and weighs 39.312 tons and has a length of 5.34 m. The cannonballs are hollow. According to a legend, the cannonballs were made in St. Petersburg, and were meant to be a humorous addition and a symbol of the friendly competition between Moscow and St. Petersburg.
The outside of the barrel is decorated with ornamental bands of relief in the form of rosettes. The surface of the barrel has a relief representation of Tsar Feodor I, the son of Ivan the Terrible, in military uniform on horseback. Some people thought that the cannon got its name from this picture, but it is more likely that the name comes from its size.


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