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Гребнев Виталий Андреевич и
Беляева Анастасия Романовна
Ученики 8 «Б» класса МОУ «Новодвинская гимназия»,
Новодвинск, Архангельская область.
Учитель: Ихтендриц Ольга Александовна

Our hometown is Novodvinsk. It is a small town. Only about 40,000 people live in it. Maybe for someone Novodvinsk is one of hundreds of cities in Russia, but for us it is special, because it is our hometown.
Novodvinsk is a modern industrial town, the fourth largest town in Arkhangelsk Region. It is situated 25 kilometers south from Arkhangelsk on the shores of the Northern Dvina River. It is one of the main industrial centers in the North West of Russia. The Main industrial enterprise is Pulp and Paper Mill, which was founded in 1940. Most citizens of Novodvinsk work on the Archangelsk PPM. The main products are cardboard, paper, cellulose. PPM is one of the leading enterprises of timber industry in Russia. It products are well-known in our country and abroad.
Novodvinsk is very clean and green. Citizens of our hometown can spend their leisure time in different clubs and places of culture, at the cinema or cafes. They can also visit libraries or go to the stadium. More than 8000 citizens are going in for sport. There are over 80 coaches which prepare sportsmen for the competitions. Novodvinsk is famous for its sportsmen. They usually achieve the highest price in international competitions in floor ball and shooting. The famous shooter is Leonid Yekimov. He made his Olympic debut in the air pistol competition in Beijing in 2008. He won the sixth prize.
If you have a chance to visit our town, do not miss it!


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