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Arkhangelsk, Lomonosovo

Сенина Ольга Геннадьевна
МБОУ г. Архангельска СОШ №8

I`d like to tell you about a small place in our region, but it is of great importance and glory for our great country. Lomonosovo village near Kholmogory not far from Arkhangelsk is the Mecca of tourists. That is the place where at the beginning of the 18th century M.V.Lomonosov, our great countryman was born. This unique place gave the birth to many outstanding people, Fedot Shubin, the first Russian sculptor, among them. Academician Golovin, Lomonosov’s nephew, also came from here. About a hundred years before Lomonosov, Fedor Popov, a traveller, was born in Kholmogory, who together with Dezhnev, another well- known Russian traveller, discovered the Bering Straight. It must have been an extraordinary place to give birth to so many remarkable people. The Russian North with its severe climate had always raised strong and courageous people. Lomonosov was a brilliant Russian scholar, scientist and poet. His contribution to the development of Russian culture and science was remarkable.
Lomonosov said a new word in history, chemistry, geography, economy, physics, chemistry ,astronomy, mineralogy, arts, versification and philology. Both his life and achievements became legendary. He was the son of a Northern peasant, a seafaring man. Mikhail helped his father, but his thirst for knowledge became so great that he left his native place joining sledges full of fish for sale. He walked all the way to Moscow where he managed to enter a privileged school concealing his peasant origin. Then as one of the best students, he was sent to Germany to accomplish his education. Having extraordinary power of will and intellect he distinguished himself as a profound scholar and became the first Russian academician, the founder of the Moscow University.
Everything in the village is associated with his name, life, ambitions and glory. Almost nothing is left from that time except a little pond. Close to it in 1940, in the village school was opened the museum of Lomonosov. In front of the building you can see a monument to the great man, unveiled in 1958.
In the museum there are numerous exhibits describing different periods of Lomonosov`s life and his interest. In one of the halls of the museum a visitor can see productions of the bone-caving factory named after Lomonosov.


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