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Сhagan – my small motherland

МБОУ « Чаганская СОШ «,Камызякский район,
Астраханская область
ученица 10-го класса Дедова Татьяна,
учитель английского языка
Петрова Елена Алексеевна

My small motherland –the Astrakhan land, with its incomparably perfect delta, gray-haired the Caspian Sea, with its unique nature. I am proud of that I live here, where my ancestors lived, where my family lives. I offer you to make the excursion in one of the most unique corners of the Astrakhan land– the village of Chagan
Delta of the Volga is thousands of kilometers. And the life of the people here is indissolubly connected with the river. The river Chaganka and the Large Kal flow into the river Old Volga, it is written in (1742 " the Book of fish office), in 1699 at fish uchugi the village Chagan was formed. The village Chagan has a 312-year's history is known as area of mass fishing. After joining Astrakhan to Russian state Ivan the IV told to arrange uchugi on the small river Chagan, Uvary and Yamanchug. Uchugi, the most ancient way of fishery, represented building from strong beams, block up in a ground in the small river and fastened by cords and sticks, the large fish came into court yard - traps, and from them fishermen pulled out them by sticks. The local rivers were considered as “Gold bottom” those years. There was a lot of fish. But we see how delta under the uncontrollable pressure of economic activity of the man quickly varies. In 1973 in 3 kms from the village of Chagan fish enterprise "Chaganskiy" was based to save and to fill stocks of fish. In 2008 in the rivers Old Volga and Chaganka was issued 80000 small carps.
Bakery» Chaganskiy bread " and» Chaganskiy round loaf" work in the village. Our village is famous for fragrant bread, rolls and round loafs. In 2004 in the competition for the most beautiful village Chagan got the first place, the inhabitants received a remarkable gift – a new machine "Gazel".
I believe my small native land will have the perfect future, as in Chagan clever, healthy children live, who achieve successes in study and sports. Behind so small corners of large country, which survived, live and continue to live is the future of Russia.


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