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Бокова Анна Васильевна
МБОУ СОШ№13 г. Ноябрьск
учитель английского языка

Noyabrsk is the pearl of the Yamal. The history of one of the most beautiful cities in the Autonomous district associated with the development of oil and gas fields of the North. The town history dates back to 1975 when a landing party arriving by helicopter disembarked on the ice of the Itu-Yakha River to start developing Kholmogorskoye oil field. In November 1976, the first party of railway builders arrived at the site of the future town and camped out by the lake Khanto with the task of creating a settlement. On October 26, 1977, the settlement of Noyabrsk, which grew around the railway station of Noyabrskaya, was officially registered. It was decided to choose the name of "Noyabrsk" instead of the other proposal"Khanto", to perpetuate the memory of the first arrival in November 1976, as the Russian word for November is Noyab'r. The settlement was granted status of work settlement on November 12, 1979 and that of a town on April 28, 1982. The first exploration well on the Kholmogorsky field was drilled in August 1979, and after three months, oil companies have received the first oil gusher. Noyabrsk was granted town status in April 1982. The population is 150 thousand people, and the average age is-26 years. Noyabrsk is a developed and modern city that can not be imagined without the cultural and leisure activities.. Noyabrsk boasts numerous sport facilities, including artificial ice rink and a number of open-air rinks in the winter, cross-country skiing tracks, several indoor swimming pools, a number of gyms and indoor playing fields used for football, basketball, volleyball, lawn-tennis, ping-pong, martial arts training, boxing.. Notable facilities include the indoor ice skating rink near school number 6 and the "Yamal" complex near the town center, which combines a swimming pool, gym, and concert hall. The motocross track of Noyabrsk presents an arena for the annual Yamal motocross cup championship; one of stages of Russian motocross championship is also conducted here.Citizens of all ages always have a chance to relax after work and school. There are concert halls, cinemas, cultural centers, youth clubs and discos .The town managed to accumulate and preserve cultural resources and a network of cultural institutions such as the 10 public libraries, five clubs, two museums and three educational institutions of culture, a movie theater can welcome 730 people. The Children's Music School is unique, it is one of the best in Russia. There are many professional creative teams in Noyabrsk. Performances by local bands, concerts Children's Music School and the School of Arts, theme nights for the elderly and children are held regularly. The city government focuses on youth organizations. Boys and girls of all ages accepts active participation in the life of the town. Various competitions are held between youth clubs. Also, children are able to find any information they are interested in the Intellekt Center. During summer, Lake Khanto is popular for walking and barbecues. A little further from the town are other popular lakes, Svetloye and Szemchuzhnoye.In the summer and during early autumn the forests and marshes attract many people for hiking, camping and gathering berries and mushrooms. In winter, there is a cross-country ski-club to the immediate west of the residential districts. Winter also normally has an "Ice Palace" constructed for some weeks in the town center's park, beside the city administrative offices. There is a park with a Ferris wheel in the center of the town. There is a Great Patriotic War memorial in the town, with the traditional eternal flame. The Museum Resource Center of Noyabrsk comprises three departments: arts museum, town history museum, and the museum of children art. It boasts a rich ethnographical collection. In 2007 the center was awarded Grand Prix at the annual Yamal Museum Projects festival. Two religious landmarks of the town are the Russian Orthodox Archangel Michael Church, which stands on a hill surrounded by trees, and a mosque.Noyabrsk is a town that meets high international standards of quality of life. Noyabrsk is a town of dreams.


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