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Chelyabinsk, Gagarin Park

Барыгина Екатерина Александровна,
ученица 5А класса
Учитель: Филиппова Анна Александровна
МАОУ лицей № 35 г. Челябинска

My name is Katja Barygina. I am the fifth form. I really enjoy going to school because there I can learn a lot of interesting and necessary things for life. My favourite subjects are Maths and English. I am sure English will be very useful for me when I travel around the world. My family and I often spend our weekends in Gagarin Park of Chelyabinsk and I want to tell you about it.

Gagarin Recreation Park is one of the biggest and the most beautiful amusement parks in Russia. It was established before the Great Patriotic war in 1936 and named after the world’s first astronaut Yury Gagarin. The park is ‘the lungs’ of Chelyabinsk and it is situated near the business centre, ‘the heart’ of city in a pine forest. It occupies 1200 hectares.
Everybody can find an outdoor or indoor activity for himself - everything depends on your age and preferences. Fresh air, shady trees, blue ponds attracts thousands of city residents every day. The granite roads gradually change into the forests paths. One can walk enjoying wonderful nature, ride a bike or even a horse, go skateboarding, rollerblade, jump in a trampoline, take exciting rides and watch the whole city from the Great Wheel. If you love animals you can feed the swans at the ponds and squirrels in the forest that are not afraid of people. The park is famous for its children’s village and a huge figure of Gulliver. The Children’s railway with its diesel locomotives and five stations is another popular entertainment.
The park is not empty in winter. There is a skating ring and an ice town. Children and grown-ups can go skiing or sledding from the snow hills and then have a cup of hot tea in on of the warm and cozy cafes nearby. There is also an enormous shopping centre near the park where you can go shopping all day long. On high days and holidays you can watch colourful parades and interesting performances and take part in different competitions which are organized in the park.
Visit our Gagarin Park – you are always welcome here!


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